What Is The CISS And How Does It Work ?

    Have you heard about the alternative to your old printer cartridges?
It’s called CISS (continuous ink supply system)! Why is it better and why you’re getting a good deal by buying it?
The classic cartridges that we buy nowadays will be replaced by this continuous ink supply system which adapts to almost any printer type, never dries off and doesn’t need replacement because it doesn’t deteriorate.
The most important thing is that the colors aren’t modified by the quantity of ink available and your pictures will all have the same colors, no matter their number.
How it’s used? You just replace your old cartridge with this new one.
The system fuels ink to a special type of cartridge, a permanent one, using a capillary system which is connected to the external tanks. Each pipe carries the ink from the external tank to the cartridges from the inside of the printer...and you’ve got ink in it! As much as you’d have by using 28 classic cartridges. That’s great!
If you have Epson, Canon or HP printer, CISS is the solution.
The cartridges CISS never dry off and don’t have to be replaced. You just have to add ink in the external tanks, when those ones are almost empty (aprox. 10% of their capacity). The installation takes 5 to 20 minutes, depending on the model.
When you purchase this system you get the cartridge and the tanks filled with 100 ml of each color. Pay attention though, the eternal tanks should be placed on the same level with the cartridge for it to work properly. Don’t worry, if you’ve got any problem the staff will gladly help you. You can find more details here, on the CISS market
Good luck shopping!